• The campus gift shop, a student employment opportunitys for students at the CIA Greystone campus in 加州
  • 加州 Student Work Programs

    On-Campus Work Opportunities at 威廉希尔中文的加州

    Looking to gain work experience while reducing your educational expenses? The CIA offers two student work programs, 赚 & 学习 Tuition Offset Scholarship and Federal Work Study.

    美国威廉希尔中文获得 & 学习 Tuition Offset Scholarship

    Students will have the opportunity to receive an offset toward their CIA tuition and fees up to $2,625. Offsets will be determined and awarded at the start of the semester based on the agreed upon time expectations of the position for which you are selected. 了解更多 >

    Federal Work Study Program (FWS)

    The CIA offers limited part-time employment opportunities to eligible students where you are paid an hourly wage for hours worked in an eligible Federal Work Study position. Money from FWS does not pay directly to your semester bills, instead you will receive bi-weekly checks for hours worked that can help with indirect costs such as books, 食物, or personal expenses. 了解更多 >

    Visit the Student Financial Planning Page of CIA主菜单 for more information, or contact the Student Financial Planning office at 707-967-2510 or SFRS@culinary.edu.

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